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The Virginia SHRM 2015 Leadership Conference was held at The Williamsburg Lodge on Friday and Saturday, January 9-10, 2015. This was the initial gathering of the 2015 VASHRM’s newly elected Board of Directors, District and Functional Directors for the purpose of learning and networking. It also served as a backdrop for the first of four State Council Meetings in 2015.

At the end of the last session, attendees who completed the journey of exploration of competencies as part of this program were presented with a “Challenge Coin.” Read about this and view other materials that were shared with participants below.


Attendees to the 2015 VA SHRM Leadership Conference (01/09-10/15) who stayed until the end of the final session were awarded a specially struck “challenge coin” to acknowledge their achievement and membership.

Challenge coins have a storied past from the Roman Empire to WWI, WWII and more. While much of their history is embedded in military lore, they seem relevant to our event, profession and geography.

Virginia is home to the Pentagon (Arlington County), several military installations, and, is ranked No. 1 in the U. S. in overall military and defense spending as a percent of the state’s gross domestic product. Besides military personnel, military family and military contractor jobs constitute a sizable labor force.

Human Resource professionals throughout the Commonwealth deal with these workers and their unique situations daily. Many have family members in the military. There is a bond and kinship between HR and the military.

Just as the military must prepare for what’s next in its role to protect our country’s interests; so too, must HR professionals learn, grown and sharpen their skills to fulfill our roles to advance the profession, our companies and more importantly our co-workers and fellow volunteers.

The intent of the VA SHRM 2015 Leadership Conference challenge coin was that it serve as a token of membership; but also, a reminder of the lessons learned and commitment made by attendees as they assumed roles on the State Council, in local chapters and in their other duties.

(Should you choose to learn more about challenge coins click here to read about the ways these tokens have been used in the past on Wikipedia. The face of the coin reflects the year 2015 and the theme of the event challenging us to “Scale New Heights.” The obverse contains some of the traits (values/competencies) we agreed were essential to our achievement of great outcomes in 2015. These are:


To all attendees: Take inspiration from our opening speaker, Lester Zook (Mountain Climber +) to go to new heights in your thinking, commitment and actions.

Resolve to note your level of expertise in the competencies needed to complete your jobs per Kathy Baske-Young’s Competency Wheel.

And, use your experience and “needs focus” areas to choose a word through which to filter your efforts as suggested by Ken Redick in our closing presentation. (Personally, I plan to use a new word, perhaps every other month and will probably choose from these: Preparation / Planning / Purpose / Connection / Delivery / Love, etc.)

Finally, remember what Mr. Zook said about being tethered to the climber next to you: Your individual success is linked to the success of those around you. So share, and help those around you to scale new heights. Then you both will be able to see the view from the top.

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